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SEO Is A Marketing Arms Race

Google continuously works to improve their search engine, as they wish to provide the best results to clients. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to keep up with these changes and find they are penalized for actions they have taken or someone has taken on their behalf. If you have been hit with Google penalties, you may wonder if you should just give up and look for other ways to market your products and services. You cannot afford to do this. With the help of reputable SEO services for Ames and Des Moines businesses, you can recover from any penalties you have been hit with and move up in the search engines once again.

Significant Penalties

Over the past few years, Google made major changes to their search engine algorithm. Many individuals, even those not in the SEO industry, have heard of the Penguin and Panda updates, but there have been others. Companies need to determine if their site rank dropped, if they no longer rank at all, or if the site has been de-indexed. The Panda update focused on content quality, while the Penguin update affected those sites engaging in black hat link building. Spam is one thing Google has worked really hard to eliminate as well. Companies need to know which update affected them to make the necessary changes, yet many are unsure of how to do this. A reputable SEO company becomes of great assistance here. In addition, the SEO provider can also help as Google continues to make these types of changes.

The Latest Change

As Google works to improve the results they provide to customers, they continue to look at new factors. With the latest algorithm change, they are now looking at how long visitors stay on a site and the bounce rate for that site. They take this into consideration when determining where the site should fit in their results. Furthermore, they are also taking into account social signals. They wish to know which sites are receiving votes and which ones are being shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. They consider this a sign of quality and rank a site higher as a result.

Factors To Emphasize

To move up in the search engines, you must have content that is relevant and unique. If the same information can be found elsewhere, you aren’t going to move up in the search engines. As you go to build links, ensure you are doing so organically. In the past, you could buy links and witness great results, but the search engines no longer allow this. Create a web presence that is engaging and ensure visitors share it, as the search engines take this as a sign of quality. In addition, make certain your site is fast and easy to use or you’ll find you are dropping in the search engine ranks. These are only a few of many steps which may be taken to have your company moving up in the search engines.

When choosing an SEO provider, you need one offering comprehensive and personalized search optimization plans. Google makes use of more than one hundred ranking signals, yet many aren’t crucial when you are trying to improve your search engine rank. Your SEO provider needs to understand where you are failing and where changes need to be made, taking the most important signals into consideration when doing so. Quality content remains the key to outstanding results, but other areas cannot be neglected completely. Keep this in mind when choosing, and you are sure to see great results.