On-Page Search Engine Optimization

The Most Important Factor is YOUR Website and It’s Killing You

Search engine optimization is a field that has undergone manifold emendations since it first began. During the early days, the emphasis rested almost exclusively on the inclusion of keywords and phrases into the text. However, the field has grown, and now, many other elements play key roles too. When promoting central Iowa businesses, companies must remember that the navigability of their website design has a tremendous effect on how long visitors stay on the site for and whether or not they turn into customers.

Part of online marketing is ensuring that visitors can access the information that they need in a fast and efficient manner. Eliminating heavy advertisements and spam-like marketing from the website is one of the first steps in polishing the site. A website bogged down with advertisements is likely to look suspicious and to run at a slow pace. Also, removing pop-up boxes from the site is almost imperative to success. Web surfers tend to equate pop-up boxes with scams and viruses. Not only do these boxes stifle navigability, they prevent some savvy visitors from moving to the main site in the first place.

While the website should have a design to it, the elements should not obfuscate the content of the pages. If the design is so bold and loud that people cannot even find the most basic information about the company, the design has failed in its mission. The design of the website should not stand separate from the navigability factor. It should complement that element and the business as a whole. In fact, incorporating tabs to click on for more information into the design helps to make the site more smooth and cohesive overall.

Web designers should also bring the most important parts of the website to the forefront. No matter what part of the site a visitor is on, he or she should have easy access to purchasing information, product details, and contact options for the company. These venues are the ones that allow visitors to buy products and to speak to representatives about the services offered. Hiding these vital parts of the site cuts off direct and easy contact with the company. All of the information should appear in a logical order as well. For example, hiding the buying details at the bottom of the page is not a smart idea for a business that wants to sell items and create lasting customer relationships.

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